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Agnès Harfouch
School: French Protestant College, Subjects taught: History-Geography Fr., E.C.J.S., Grades taught: First secondary, first intermediate

Project evaluation
This project was very motivating for the students. I think that it is necessary for every young Lebanese to fully live their citizenship in their country.
Atef Eid
School: Sacred Heart School – Gemmayzeh, Subjects taught: History-Geography and Civics, Grades taught: Second and third secondary

Project evaluation

This interesting project constitutes the students’ first attempt at documenting the Lebanese Civil War by means of information and photos. The information collected by the students from the interviewees represents a collective memory without distortion. It allowed the students to learn more about the chapters of a war from which they haven’t directly suffered.
Imane Saïd Abou Chahine
School: Choueifat Official Secondary School, Subjects taught: Civics, Grades taught: All secondary grades

Project evaluation

This project clearly shows the ordeal suffered during the Lebanese Civil War. It has allowed us to put our finger on the atrocities and sufferings of the war, to realize the repercussions thereof and to learn from past mistakes in order not to repeat them.
I sincerely hope that such project will be implemented in all the schools throughout Lebanon.
Jamilé Kassab
School: Sin el-Fil Public High School, Subjects taught: History, Geography, Civics, Grades taught: Secondary classes

Project evaluation

This work has a special importance in that it attracts the students’ attention to the social and humanitarian problems resulting from the war, problems that are common to all Lebanese regions and all political factions. The majority of the Lebanese citizens refused to talk about these problems, either because they were disappointed in the results of their sacrifices or because they did not want to revive such painful memories. I hope that this project will not stop here and that a greater number of schools will take part in it so as to reach the targeted objectives.
Joseph Bou Abdo
School: Kevork Harboyan High School, Subjects taught: History, Grades taught: Secondary grades

Project evaluation

This project showed the students the importance of their history. It taught them to learn from past mistakes and allowed them to ponder on this painful period in Lebanon’s history.
Mounira Wehbi
School: Ras El Nabeh Public School for Boys, Subject taught: Sociology, Classes taught: First secondary – Second secondary – Third secondary (S – E)

Project evaluation

All in all, the project was interesting. It stresses on a period of our contemporary history, the Civil War, from which we should learn not to repeat past mistakes. The students benefitted a lot from their participation in the project which made them realize the consequences of the war and look to a brighter future.
Myrna Habre
School: Our Lady of Jamhour, Subjects taught: History-Geography, Grades taught: 1S and 2S

Project evaluation
A very important awareness project, showing the dangers and ravages of the war. It is a critical initiative, allowing the young generation to understand the meaning of civil war!
On the other hand, the project encouraged intergenerational communication: For once, the young listened to the problems and ordeals of their elders!
Olga Farhat
School: Furn-el-Chebbak Public High School for Girls,  Subject taught: Civics, Grades taught: Second Secondary (Scientific and Literary), Third Secondary (All sections)

Project evaluation
I liked this project because it tackled the social memory of the Lebanese Civil War; a memory which was barely given the chance to express itself, despite being common to all the Lebanese. Perhaps we can help the current generation learn from the tragedies and lessons of the past; perhaps this project can help us avoid repeating the errors of a past whose grief remains deeply rooted in the memory of most Lebanese people.
Raymonde Boulos
School: Daughters of Charity High School- Achrafieh, Subjects taught: History, Grades taught: EB9-1S-2S-3S

Project evaluation
The project on the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990) carried out by the 1S and 2S students proved to be very constructive. The students collected information about this war from family and relatives and discovered the serious social and economic repercussions of war. It is extremely important for the young generation to be acquainted with such facts because they provide “lessons” on the serious consequences of war.
Siham Salloum
School: Mesrobian – High School, Subjects taught: History and geography, Grades taught: Complementary and secondary- EB7 to ES3

Project evaluation
It was an interesting project and my students were keen on taking part in it. However, I think that the work was a bit slow since we lacked experience in such kind of work.
Souad Al-Mokdad
School: Amilieh High School,  Subjects taught: History and Civics, Grades taught: All secondary grades

Project evaluation
The project derives its importance from the fact that it sheds light on a difficult and complicated period in the history of Lebanon. I hope that it has shown the young generation the disadvantages of war and made them aware of the danger and risks of being led into a violent civil war. In a nutshell, this project is exceptional. I sincerely hope that it is carried on no matter what obstacles it faces.
Thérèse Al-Amil
School: Achrafieh Second Secondary Official School for Girls, Subjects taught: Social sciences,  Grades taught: All secondary grades

Project evaluation
This project derives its importance from the fact that it collects information about the daily life of ordinary people throughout the war, an aspect that history books omit any reference to. The project reexamines the memory of war in view of avoiding the mistakes of the past.
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